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Children in community - Igatpuri
Children playing in community in Igatpuri
Child's house in Mumbai
House in Igatpuri

Children & Communities

The children at Aseema, like all children, are intelligent, eager and full of curiosity. They are also extremely vulnerable and at risk because of the environment they live in. Their homes - mostly unauthorized structures made of tin or plastic sheets – face threat of being demolished quite frequently. Their slum communities grapple with illness, violence and abuse and the insecurity created by such an environment affects children the most. In the midst of this all, however, you will often see bright young faces laughing with abandon. This image is what symbolises so much of what our children are –hopeful, happy and full of promise.

I like Aseema. I come to school to play, sing and dance.

– Karan, 7 years

My teacher is so nice. When I grow up, I want to become a teacher.

– Laxmi, 8 years

Aseema is a good place.

– Ayesha, 7 years

My dream is that everyone should be friendly with everyone.

– Sanober, 10 years

I feel Aseema means a place where there is love and education and different activities for all children equally.

– Soliya, 11 years

When I pass and get good marks, my marks make me happy. But to pass, we have to work hard in life.

– Nikhat, 11 years

In the school, when I got hurt, the teacher gave me medicine. I felt very special.

– Bhavdeep, 11 years

I come to Aseema to learn new things. My dream is that I will become a good girl, eat many chocolates, help poor people, make lots of money and become a good business girl.

– Musharat, 11 years

Aseema is like my family and I love my family.

– Karuna, 12 years

When I grow up I want to become a policeman to take care of criminals.

– Danish, 12 years

My most special moment in Aseema was when we got the Children’s Box. I could write my suggestion and it goes to the teacher.

– Manmohan, 13 ye