Child playing in community
Children in community at Igatpuri
Mothers at parent meeting in Igatpuri
Narrow lanes in community
Social Worker with parents in community
Parents Teachers & Community Workers - work as a unit

Community Work

The communities that our children live in have an enormous influence on their lives. So much of how they learn in school is shaped by what they experience at home. It is therefore imperative for us to maintain close links with the communities and ensure that the children’s parents are actively involved in their education.

Our Community Work Cell (CWC) visits the children’s homes and develops an in depth understanding of the home environment. This insight helps us plan programmes more effectively and understand the children in our classrooms. The parents now participate actively in the functioning of the school through the Parent Teacher Association and become spokespersons for our work. They help us monitor attendance, spread the importance of education and assist the teachers on school picnics and events.

The CWC also looks into the health concerns of the children and ensures they receive timely medical attention.