Bond between teacher and child
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Taking learning beyond the classroom
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Keeping the individual interests of the child in mind


Aseema’s approach to education is the foundation of all that we have done and the benchmark of quality for all that we want to achieve. It is an amalgamation of three closely aligned approaches – the approach followed by the Atma Vidya Educational Foundation in Kerala, the Montessori approach as explained by Dr. Maria Montessori and the approach followed by the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education in Pondicherry.

This approach is based on the belief that all children have an innate love for learning which grows and flourishes when there is a bond between the teacher and the taught.

In this relationship the teacher:

  • Is committed first of all to the security and happiness of the child.
  • Is attentive to the child’s needs, feelings and interests.
  • Is open to understanding how the child wants to learn by following the child’s interests.
  • Is prepared to give of herself/himself along with imparting learning.
  • Is appreciative of the child’s efforts with positive strokes so that from the very beginning the child associates learning with encouragement and success.
  • Inspires by example and consideration for others, leading to character development along with academic learning.

In this relationship, the child:

  • Feels secure and valued.
  • Is eager to learn because s/he is interested and self-motivated.
  • Learns quickly because s/he is secure and relaxed.
  • Retains the information because s/he has learnt it in a playful, experiential and natural manner.
  • Develops self confidence as s/he associates learning with success and encouragement.

While this approach has universal relevance, it is especially relevant to meet the unique needs of the children Aseema works with.

At Aseema’s centres, where the children interact on a daily basis with teachers who are dedicated to their well-being, who show concern for their thoughts and feelings, who care about them, the children learn an important lesson. They learn that they matter.