Education Approach

  • Educational game developed by the children at Aseema’s Annual Education Fair

  • The heart of our approach – bond between child and teacher

  • Montessori activity

  • At work in the Science Laboratory

  • Sports

Our approach to education is the foundation of all that we have done and the benchmark for all that we strive to achieve. It is what sets us apart and inspires us to grow. It is rooted in the observation that children are natural learners – innately curious, eager to work on problems that engage them – and that our challenge as educators is to sustain and harness their innate curiosity.

Our path to pursuing this has many strands and is evolving; at its heart are three principles.

Children grow and flourish when there is a strong bond between the teacher and the child. Our teachers’ first responsibility is to ensure that every child feels secure and valued.

Children thrive when they are given plenty of opportunities to think, question and analyse. We work to supplement the SSC curriculum with content and methods that are aligned to meeting this goal.

Education must develop the whole individual, not just the mind. We strive to promote our student’s physical, emotional, mental and aesthetic development, as well as nurture their values and character.

While this approach has universal relevance, it is especially relevant to meet the unique needs of the children that Aseema works with.

We heavily rely on the three approaches on which our education is based – those developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, the Atma Vidya Educational Foundation in Kerala, and the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education in Pondicherry.

MCGM Partnership

  • Adoption of the Pali Chimbai Municipal School, 2001

  • Adoption of the Santacruz (W) Municipal School, 2007

  • Adoption of the Kherwadi Municipal School, 2010

  • The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) is responsible for the delivery of public education in Mumbai. The MCGM reaches out to about 3.00 lakh children, through over 973 Primary Schools and 243 Secondary Schools. Since early 2000s, the MCGM has invited NGOs with experience in education to support its initiatives and strengthen existing public systems.

  • Aseema’s partnership with the MCGM has been built over 25 years through cooperation and trust. In this partnership, while the MCGM provides the physical infrastructure, Aseema recruits teachers, social workers, counsellors and other staff who are oriented to our child-friendly approach. This in turn makes the learning environment stimulating and safe and creates a culture that respects the child and promotes learning.

  • In schools adopted by Aseema, the medium of instruction is English and the state curriculum is taught in a way that makes it engaging and meaningful. Co-curricular activities such as art, music, judo, sports, computers and yoga encourage expression and creativity. Student participation and parent involvement are inherent to the learning process and every effort is made to ensure that every child receives the support she needs to flourish and grow.

  • At present, Aseema partners with the MCGM in three schools located in Bandra and Santacruz.

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