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Holi In Covid Times— A Message.

I am Chandini, a std 6 B student from KMPS. And I would like to send a message to all children everywhere. It will be the festival of Holi in a few days. I feel that this is a good time to think of how we should celebrate Holi in these different times.

In these Covid times we will not be able to celebrate the festival of colours as we usually do. But let us remember the very reason of the festival. Holi is a festival of the triumph of good over evil. Let us recall the ancient legend of the evil King Hiranyakashipu who believed that he was more powerful and greater than God! He forced people to worship him and not God and when his son Prahlada refused to obey him, he plotted to kill his own son with the help of Holika, his sister. King Hiranyakashipu ‘s plan failed; Prahlada was saved by God but Holika burned in the fire. So good triumphed over evil.

Before Covid 19 hit, we used to burn holika by standing in front of the fire and asking God for forgiveness. We burn the evil and allow the good to spread.

Holi is a time of joy. It is a celebration of happiness. We make different types of food items at home and distribute sweets to our friends and neighbours. Holi is a festival where we spread joy. It is a joyous festival and the happiness is shown in greeting and putting colour on a friend. The water colours are only a way of showing how happy we are. We forget our differences and greet our neighbours.

In these Covid times we can still spread joy by making a promise to spread happiness to all by saving water and using only dry chemical free colours. We can keep the meaning of Holi alive by being good persons and doing good to our fellow family members. Wearing a mask, keeping a safe distance from each other and washing our hands often.

In this way we can celebrate by helping our government to stop the spread of this virus. Our lives will then go back to normal.

Holi Hai!

Women’s Day- Sauhel Sadik Shaikh 10b

The beautiful creation of God! The Angel on the earth makes our life so joyous and wonderful. Imagine, life without a woman would be so difficult and tough. These angels are the torch – bearers of the world.  We must respect the woman and protect her dignity. She does not only bear a child in her womb but is also the inspiration behind great leaders and reformers. It is only because of women that the great people of the world are born.  It is the woman who has inspired and instilled great values in the mind of the child, through the initial teaching. that must have helped them to develop into great personalities.

Women’s day does not only tell us about women but it also explains that the women around the world are united and are fighting against the inequality caused due to gender discrimination. Women like Indira Gandhi, Kalpana Chawla, Mother Teresa and many others had also fought in the past to change the world into accepting women as equals. Moreover, the countries that are successful in fighting the Covid-19 situation are the countries that are governed by women leaders. . New Zealand was the first country to get rid of Covid-19 pandemic and their prime minister is a woman!

During this pandemic when the whole world has stopped and were faced with the challenges of Covid-19, these women challenged themselves to learn new and different things at home. Some baked cakes, while some made new dishes. Some learnt stitching while others took part in various competitions. But they did not stop even during this pandemic. The angels are our future and can make our world more progressive. I am sure that our country will achieve great heights because of our women.

RIGHTS AND DUTIES—Sameer Pandey std 8 B and Shifa Ansari std 9 A

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights which was signed on December 10th 1948, guarantees all people their basic human rights. Many countries joined together to form, agree and sign this Declaration so that   people could live a happy and healthy life without being afraid. But this agreement can only be effective if we, the people also did our bit to make our world a better place.  According to this declaration, 

We are born free and equal in dignity and rights.


We have a duty to treat all people like brothers—– spread universal brotherhood.

The Right to freedom is ours, we are told.

But we have a duty to respect all human beings without distinction of race, colour, caste or religion.

Everyone, the Declaration says, has a right to life, liberty and security of persons.

And, we have a duty to protect the life of all persons; to spread love and not hate. 

We are entitled to a free and equal society.

We will not accept discrimination against girls or women.

Justice for all it proclaims; the Law is equal for all citizens.

We have a duty to keep the law; to not be corrupt, 

The freedom of speech is guaranteed under the U. N. Declaration.

It is our duty however, to speak the truth at all times and to speak with love.

 the right to our childhood is clearly stated;

It is, we must add, our duty to be loving, caring respectful children.

So also, is free and compulsory education our right.

But our duty to be a good student must not be forgotten. To attend school and participate to the best of our abilities.

 A healthy, clean and safe environment is ours for the taking.

To protect the environment is our responsibility. To spread the message about global warming is our duty.

While we are very grateful that the heads of countries have come together to guarantee us a safe planet, we students are acutely aware that this can only be achieved when we citizens, young and old, combine our efforts to spread the message of universal equality, peace and fraternity. Together we can all build a happy society if we all take our duties seriously. We can be ambassadors of goodwill and spread ‘Peace dignity and equality on a healthy planet.’

Women’s Day is a day to celebrate women. I used to always wonder why there was a day for women and not for men. I understand why.

I am aware that as a boy, I am privileged. That boys as a whole get better treatment. I know that in spite of social development, women are still discriminated against and this day sends out a message that women are equal to men.

Each day the newspaper’s report many stories about the girl child being killed even before she is born. In Geography I am studying about population and the sex ratio of a country. We are informed that there are only 908 girls for every 1000 boys. In my village in Uttar Pradesh, boys are allowed to study and play but the girls are made to stay home and do house work. They are not allowed to go to college. Most girls are married at the age of 13. These facts make me very uncomfortable and unhappy.

But, in my school, girls are given the same rights, privileges and opportunities as the boys. No distinction is ever made between girls or boys. In fact, in my class the girls do much better than boys in most areas. They are hardworking, very responsible and often outshine us.

The roles of women are changing and they now look for more opportunities to progress. However, they are yet to achieve full equality. There is a small percentage of courageous, brave and enterprising women, who have in spite of all the difficulties they face, made much progress and achieved success. Even so crimes against women have increased 34 percent.

I strongly feel that girls should be given as much of an opportunity to fulfil their dreams as boys and that all boys and men should support their sisters, wives and mothers in this respect.

I feel it is not only the responsibility of the government to educate the people to stop gender discrimination. I feel that if we begin with the family, we can slowly but steadily stop this in our own way by insisting that we – brothers, fathers and husbands give our sisters, daughters and wives equal opportunities to make decisions and choices in their lives. God has sent women and men to earth to share the joys and sorrows of life equally. Girls are wonderful human beings and I pledge to never accept dowry and to insist that my friends don’t either and to do my bit to protect their rights.

The boys’ perspective – written collectively by the boys of standards VII & VIII

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