MCGM Partnership

  • Activity based learning

  • Child concentrating on reading

  • Secondary student performing experiment at Annual Exhibtion

  • Secondary students with their teacher

  • Learning colours through Montessori work

  • Learning numbers through Montessori work

In Mumbai, the responsibility of public education is shouldered by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) through about 1,121 Primary Schools and 145 Secondary Schools. The MCGM reaches out to about 3.11 lakh children and this huge access often comes with the risk of losing quality. The MCGM therefore invites non-governmental organizations with experience in education to support its initiatives and strengthen existing public systems.

Aseema’s partnership with the MCGM has been built over 18 years through cooperation and trust. In this partnership, Aseema supports a municipal school by provision of teachers who are oriented to Aseema’s child friendly approach, making the learning environment stimulating and safe and creating a culture that respects the child and promotes learning.

In a school supported by Aseema, the medium of instruction is English and the state curriculum is taught in a way that makes it meaningful and fun. Co-curricular activities such as art, music, judo, sports, yoga, dance, cinema and theatre encourage expression and creativity. Student participation and parent involvement are inherent to the learning process and every effort is made to ensure that the child receives all that s/he needs to grow.

At present, Aseema is partnering with the MCGM in three schools. To read more about these projects, click on the tabs below: