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SSC Results

Pali Chimbai Municipal School

The Pali Chimbai Municipal School in Bandra (West) was the first school to be adopted by Aseema in the year 2001. Currently, more than 870 children from neighbouring communities such as Nargis Dutt, Qureshi Nagar, Gazdhar Bandh and Khar Danda attend this school which has classes from Pre-Primary to Standard VIII.

Santacruz (W) Municipal School (Under Renovation)

Aseema adopted the Santacruz (W) Municipal School in 2007; the secondary section is housed here. A total of 120 plus children study at this school and live in communities such as Nargis Dutt Nagar, Qureshi Nagar, Gazdhar Bandh and Khar Danda.

Kherwadi Municipal School

In June 2010, Aseema took on the responsibility of the English medium section of this school and now operates classes from Pre-Primary to Standard X. At present, the school accommodates close to 1880 children who come from the neighbouring communities such as Garib Nagar, Behram Nagar, Navpada, Golibar and Kherwadi.

Parera Wadi Municipal School

Aseema adopted the Parerawadi  Municipal School in 2022; the secondary section is housed here. A total of 206 children study at this school and live in communities such as Nargis Dutt Nagar, Qureshi Nagar, Gazdhar Bandh, and Khar Danda.

Nariyalwadi Municipal School

Aseema adopted the Nariyalwadi Municipal School in 2023; the secondary section is housed here. A total of 73 children study at this school and live in communities such as Nariyalwadi, Dutta Mandir Road.

Kalina Municipal School

Aseema adopted the Kalina Municipal School in 2022; the secondary section is housed here. A total of 32 children study at this school and live in communities such as Dr.ambedkar nagar, Shivnagar, Parsiwadi,Yogiraj Ashram, Chirrekhan, Kadamwadi, Jambhlipada, and Manipada.

Shastri Nagar Municipal School

Aseema adopted the Shastri Nagar Municipal School in 2023; the secondary section is housed here. A total of 26 children study at this school and live in communities such as Kunchi Korve Nagar, Kolivari Village, Bharti Work Shop, Jambhli Pada, Shastri Nagar, Shivnagar, and Kalina gaon.

Santacruz East Municipal School

Aseema adopted the Santacruz East Municipal School in 2023; the secondary section is housed here. A total of 56 children study at this school and live in communities such as Santacruz Golibar Naka, Kahr, Hanuman Tekdi -Gate no.1,2,3,4, and Vakola bridge.

Aseema Bal Shaikshanik Kendra

As part of our commitment to support the tribal community we set up our Education Centre, now known as Aseema’s Bal Shaikshanik Kendra (ABSK). Currently, over 488 children delight in studying at ABSK in classes from Pre-Primary to Standard X. The children who attend this school are primarily children of farmers. They live in tribal wadis of Awalkhed, Karachi wadi, Rere wadi, Jambhul wadi, etc.

Co-curricular activities

Always buzzing with energy, our children are given multiple opportunities to express themselves, recognise their unique talents and expand their horizons. A wide range of co-curricular activities help the students discover, design, develop and thrive in sports, art, music, computers and much more.

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At Aseema, art is incorporated into every child’s routine from a young age. Art stimulates creativity and encourages our children to express their thought, feelings and emotions. It channelizes their dreams and desires and is a beautiful expression of their imagination.

Aseema is one of the only 2 centres in India where the international Room 13 Art Programme is adopted to teach children art. The children who form a part of Room 13 get the opportunity to study national and international artists. They work with a variety of mediums and techniques and create beautiful artworks which are then replicated on a range of products from coasters to handbags.

Health and Nutrition

In Mumbai, our mid-day meals are an important source of nutrition for our children. Since their parents are daily wage earners, it is often difficult for parents to cook and provide packed lunches to the children. The children rely on hot-cooked meals served by us and this meal is often a substantial part in their daily diet.

In Igatpuri, our children are provided 2 meals whilst they are at school – breakfast and lunch. For children coming from impoverished families these are wholesome meals which foster their physical and mental growth.

Our in-house nutritionist prepares a balanced menu incorporating all the essential nutrients. During the meal breaks, our teachers are busy teaching children the importance of not wasting food and following table manners. Height and weight analysis of all the children is done twice a year to keep a tab on the child’s physical growth and development pattern.

Medical check-ups and health camps are organized for all children in Mumbai and Igatpuri. Children who are found to have any medical conditions are referred to a doctor and our social workers help the family understand the illness or disease the child is suffering from. They also assist parents for tests and routine hospital visits.

In Igatpuri, our in-house nurse treats and tends to those who need immediate and regular medical assistance during school hours.


The Counselling team consisting of Clinical and Counselling Psychologists is well-equipped to deal with a variety of challenges our children may face at home. Using techniques of group and individual counselling, our counsellors’ first gain the trust of the children and slowly encourage the child to open up about his problems. The team makes use of several therapy techniques that address the psychological, educational, developmental and social needs of the children.

The team also conducts workshops and awareness sessions on topics such as child sexual abuse, emotional hygiene, menstrual hygiene, bullying and teasing, handling peer pressure and motivation.

Monday mood ‘check in’ activity is carried out to understand the scenario at the children’s homes and any adverse effect on the child.

The colourful ‘Children’s Box’ at every school assures each child that there is someone to listen to their apprehensions, to help them through their difficulties or just have a casual conversation to lift their spirits. It acts as an informal platform to reach out to the children and encourage them to share their feelings and emotions.

  • Health check up

  • Social worker interacting with parent at Igatpuri

  • Social Workers interacting with parents in Mumbai

Community Works Centre

A Community Work Centre (CWC) has been set up at Aseema to link the school with the community. A team of Social Workers liaison with the parents building strong ties with the community and working towards creating an environment that supports education.

  • Some of the areas that the CWC work on are –
  • Visiting the community and encouraging all children to enrol in school
  • Monitoring attendance of all children on a weekly basis
  • Visiting the home of each child to build a stronger relationship with the family
  • The CWC oversees the formation and functioning of the School Management Committees
  • Holding meetings with the parents on a regular basis
  • Monitoring the meal programme

Alumni Association

The Aseema Alumni Association was formed in the year 2016 to create a network for career guidance, mentoring and job referrals. The success of this programme reflects in the achievements of our alumni, the biggest being employment in the formal sector. Our alumni have taken up an eclectic range of careers and can be found as teachers leading students to climb up the ladder of knowledge, as accountants, sales executives and HR executives in big national and multinational corporations and even as stylists working in salons.

  • 1st Batch of Alumni

  • Slumdog Millionaire fame child actors

Raju & I

To spread the message of child rights Aseema produced a 30 minute animated film called Raju & I. This film focuses on the right to education and speaks of how each one of us can do our bit. Its animated characters, sensitive approach and strong message have made the film appealing to people of all ages and have also invited much accolade. In 2005, Raju & I (directed by Animagic), won the National Award for the Best Animation Film.

Raju and I has also won many other awards and much recognition.

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