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Sushmita Agrawal

Sushmita Agrawal, is a 26 year old brimming over with positive energy. Her first contact with Aseema was in 2005 when she was admitted to Standard V. She was nominated ‘Best Student of the Year’ the year she joined Aseema and again in 2010 when she graduated from school.

Sumant Bej

This 22-year-old graphic designer exudes confidence. Sumant Bej was a student at Aseema from Std 8 to Std 10, which is when he graduated from school in the year 2013. He completed his junior college in the Commerce stream and graduated with a BMM degree in 2019. Sumant lives with his parents and a sister who is studying for her B.Sc degree.


Sohail Ahmad Shaikh

Sohail’s nonchalance affected his studies adversely and he had to stay back in Standard IX this year. His future looked rather bleak. He began the new academic year too on the same note, with indiscipline, non cooperation and defiance, until the first unit test examination. After the examination, the teacher had a session with him and took him on a review of his performance. She discussed his chances of passing the class this year.

Sana Shaikh

Sana is a soft spoken and a sensitive girl. She comes from a family where the mother is the only earning member. She was a below average performer in academics due to her illness and then the health issues in her family. Her attendance at school was poor and coupled with a disturbed environment at home, Sana fared poorly in Standard IX in the first terminal examination.

Ali Maaz

Ali is a new student and joined Aseema’s school this academic year. He is hardworking and diligent.The class teacher’s observation was that the new child lacked confidence in his studies.

Prem Kumar Mahto

Sometime right in the middle of this academic year Prem Kumar Mahto was one of the less fortunate whose house was gutted in a fire at Lal Mitti. The family lost their home and all their belongings.

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