The Aseema Calendar 2023 is here!

Women – strong, resilient, fearless.
Every day we come across inspirational women at Aseema. The teacher who stays back at school every day, helping her students overcome their challenges and goes home to a family that questions her career choices. The didi who has no family to go back to, but cares for our students like they are her own children. The young girl who overcomes every obstacle her family raises, day after day, to her studying further. The mother who braves an unsupportive spouse, to fight for her daughter’s right to education.
This year, the Aseema Alumni have put together a range of beautiful artworks that honour, respect and celebrate women and womankind.
The paintings embark on a journey through India and across the world. From Rajasthan to Kashmir, from Persia to Mexico and the influence of Frida Kahlo, each artwork has a story and style unique to itself. Each artwork is a vivid amalgamation of traditional symbols, native clothing and aesthetic designs. However, the captivating focus of each remains the woman. To place an order for our calendars, please do write to The sale proceeds from all our products help fund our education programme.

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